Asbestos Removal Services in Scotland

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Our Asbestos Removal 247team was called out to a West Glasgow residence last month to remove asbestos from flooring tile. Following an inspection and test, we determined that the tiles contained asbestos and

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Our crew employs a variety of asbestos removal techniques, but one of the most frequently employed is industrial vacuums.Industrial vacuums are purpose-built for hazardous environments to guarantee that workers and environmental safety professionals

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Between the late 1800s and the 1980s, asbestos was a prevalent material in the construction of most residential and commercial structures. Due to the fact that the naturally occurring chemical is resistant to

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Although asbestos has been outlawed in the UK since 1999, the dangerous chemical can still be found in homes across the country. For many years, asbestos was used in the construction industry because

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Before asbestos is removed from your property, a series of chores must be completed. Typically, an asbestos abatement company will prep the work area and ensure that everything is set to go, but

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Our asbestos removal crew was contacted by a Cook County resident who feared their property contained asbestos.When our investigation revealed asbestos fibres in the air and we collected air samples, the homeowners trusted

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Asbestos testing determines whether a particular material contains asbestos. The following materials contain asbestos: Boards that insulate pipes Spritz-on coatings Cemex Coatings that have texture Individual or bulk samples of asbestos-containing materials are

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Do not worry if you discover asbestos in your home.While asbestos is generally harmless when left undisturbed, it is something to be aware of because it can become brittle and shatter into the

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A homeowner in Glasgow recently contacted the asbestos removal professionals at Asbestos Removal 247 after discovering what he assumed were asbestos tiles in the basement of the home. After establishing that the 9-inch

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You've recently moved into your dream antique home, and now it's time to tackle all the projects necessary to bring it up to date. One of the first chores taken on by new