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    Artex Removal in Glasgow

    We remove Artex and textured coatings before refurbishment work or as part of a client's desire to have an asbestos-free home or office in Glasgow, Scotland. If it is in good condition and will not be disturbed, Artex can be left in place. The coating must be removed if you plan to change lighting, remove walls, or perform refurbishment or demolition that disturbs the coated walls or ceilings. We can limit the removal work to smaller areas where only a few things are being changed, such as some lighting.

    Asbestos-containing Artex / textured coatings are one of the most common questions we receive. If asbestos is present in the coating, determining what remedial action needs to be taken would be the best course of action.

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    Artex removal Glasgow


    If you have an asbestos emergency, we are here to help you round-the-clock,
    365 days a year in Glasgow, no matter your situation.

    Asbestos water tank

    Flue pipes and cold water tanks made of asbestos

    Almost every week, we remove asbestos-cement flue pipes. It's common to see flue pipes running from boiler cupboards into service risers, chimneys, or even visible outside the house.

    They may also run into the loft and through the roof. In order to remove the sections of cement pipework held in place by brackets screwed into brickwork, we need to gain access to the pipe run, so we may need to open up a service riser or chimney.

    Cold water tanks are often located on the same property as asbestos cement flues. If possible, they should be removed whole.

    Flue pipes and cold water tanks are both made of asbestos cement, which is a bonded material with a lower likelihood of fibre release. Any asbestos that is likely to be disturbed will need to be removed by an asbestos contractor before refurbishment works begin. Damaged materials should be encapsulated or removed.

    Glasgow Artex Removal Experts

    Most recently, we removed asbestos-coated ceilings throughout a house in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen. Ceilings made of plasterboard, lath and plaster will need to be removed in order to safely remove the asbestos. If the ceilings are concrete, then we must scrape the coating off the ceilings. In Shawlands and Newton Mearns, we've carried out similar jobs in the last month before installing a new kitchen and bathroom.  

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    We are available 24/7

      About Glasgow

      Glasgow is a port city on the Clyde River in Scotland’s western Lowlands.

      As a result of trade and shipbuilding, the city is well known for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture.

      In addition to the National Theatre of Scotland and the Scottish Opera, the city hosts world-renowned museums and a bustling music scene.

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      If you have an asbestos emergency, we are here to help you round-the-clock,
      365 days a year in Glasgow, no matter your situation.

      How Does Artex Ceiling Removal Work?

      An asbestos survey should be conducted if your home was built before 2000. Wearing appropriate PPE, there are five ways to remove Artex from your ceiling: 

      Boarding over: Plasterboard is used to cover up the original Artex ceiling. The surface is then plastered several times. 

      Plaster overskimming: instead of using plasterboard, it may be possible to simply seal with PVA and plaster over the old Artex. 

      Complete removal: Not an easy solution, this method involves completely removing the Artex and original plasterboard. 

      Chemical removal: A common chemical used is X-Tex. This gel softens the old artex, which can then be removed by scraping, leaving the old plasterboard exposed and ready for new plaster to be applied. 

      Steaming: Here, a wallpaper steamer can be used to soften the Artex, which can then be scraped away from the current plasterboard. Please keep in mind that if you oversoften the Artex, it will liquify and make a huge mess.

      Once it’s been removed, do not forget that Artex should be properly disposed of as hazardous waste. There may be an additional Artex asbestos removal cost due to this.

      man scraping ceiling for artex

      Asbestos Artex removal cost

      The removal of Artex can be complicated and time-consuming. As long as it does not contain asbestos, many people simply cover it up and create a new, even surface. Your Artex removal cost will depend on several factors, including: 

      Artex type, as well as whether it contains asbestos. 

      Age of Artex: In addition to containing asbestos, it is also prone to damage and cracking over time. 

      Area to be removed: The greater the area of Artex, the longer and more expensive it will be to remove. 

      Depending on how thick or thin Artex is added by the professional, it may be thicker or thinner than other ceilings. The thicker the Artex is, the longer it will take to remove, pushing up labour costs. The average Artex ceiling removal cost is £17.50 per m2.