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    Artex Removal in Uddingston

    Are you looking to get rid of some Artex in Uddingston ?

    Providing asbestos artex removal in Uddingston at the most competitive rate is what we do.

    Before renovation work or as part of a client's desire to have an asbestos-free house or business in Uddingston, Scotland, we remove Artex and textured coatings fast and and at an affordable price. Artex can be left in place if it is in good shape and will not be disturbed.

    If you want to change lighting, remove walls, or execute refurbishment or demolition that affects the coated walls or ceilings, the coating must be removed. We can limit the removal work to smaller sections where only a few components, such as lights, are being altered.

    One of the most common queries we get is about asbestos-containing Artex / textured coatings. If asbestos is found in the coating, the best line of action is to determine what corrective activity is required. We can help with that.


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    If you have an asbestos emergency in Uddingston, we are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter what your circumstance is.

    Asbestos water tank

    Asbestos-filled water tanks and flue pipes

    On average, we remove asbestos-cement flue pipes every week. It is not uncommon for flue pipes to run from boiler cupboards to service risers, chimneys, or even outside the home.

    It is also possible for them to enter the attic and through the roof. To remove the segments of cement piping held in place by brackets bolted into masonry, we need to gain access to the pipe run, so we may have to open a service riser or chimney.

    Cold water tanks are commonly found on properties with asbestos cement flues. It is recommended to remove them completely.

    Because asbestos cement is a bonded substance that releases fewer fibers, it is used in flue pipes and cold water tanks. Before any renovation work can commence, any asbestos that is likely to be disturbed must be removed by an asbestos contractor. Materials that have been damaged should be encased or removed.

    Experts in Artex removal in Uddingston

    In Uddingston asbestos-coated ceilings have been removed multiple times. Asbestos must be safely removed from plasterboard, lath, and plaster ceilings. We must scrape the coating off concrete ceilings if they are concrete.

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      If you have an asbestos emergency, we are here to help you round-the-clock,
      365 days a year in Uddingston, no matter your situation.

      How Does Artex Ceiling Removal Work?

      If your house was built before 2000, you should have an asbestos survey done. There are five ways to remove Artex off your ceiling while wearing suitable PPE:

      Boarding over: The original Artex ceiling is covered with plasterboard. After that, the surface is plastered multiple times.

      Instead of using plasterboard, it may be possible to just seal the old Artex with PVA and plaster over it.

      Complete removal: This procedure necessitates the removal of both the Artex and the original plasterboard.

      X-Tex is a typical chemical used for chemical cleanup. This gel softens the old artex, allowing it to be scraped away, exposing the old plasterboard and allowing fresh plaster to be put.

      Steaming: A wallpaper steamer can be used to soften the Artex before scraping it away from the existing plasterboard. Keep in mind that if you oversoften the Artex, it will liquefy and create a tremendous mess.

      After it's been removed, don't forget to properly dispose of Artex as hazardous waste. There could be more Artex asbestos.

      man scraping ceiling for artex

      Asbestos Artex removal cost

      It can be difficult and time-consuming to get rid of Artex. Many people just cover it up and create a fresh, flat surface as long as it does not include asbestos. The cost of removing Artex is determined by a number of factors, including:

      The type of artex, as well as whether or not it contains asbestos.

      Artex is old, and it's prone to deterioration and cracking over time, in addition to containing asbestos.

      The larger the area of Artex to be removed, the longer and more expensive it will take to remove it.

      Artex may be thicker or thinner than other ceilings, depending on how thick or thin it is applied by the professional. The more Artex there is, the longer it will take to remove it, increasing labour costs. The average cost of removing an Artex ceiling is £17.50 per m2.