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Asbestos in agricultural buildings is widespread throughout the United Kingdom. On farms, asbestos cement roof sheeting, down pipes, gutters, panels, fascias, and soffits are frequently used.

Generally, asbestos may be left in place undisturbed and handled.

Where asbestos is damaged or roofs leak, the need for asbestos removal may emerge.

Asbestos Cement is the most often used asbestos product in farm and agricultural structures. The material might be costly to remove and dispose of.

When determining the optimum strategy for controlling asbestos in agricultural buildings, a number of critical criteria must be considered –

Is the asbestos in good condition?

Is asbestos repairable? (this will be considerably cheaper)

Is the material going to continue degrading and becoming damaged?

Is it going to cost me more in the long run?

What dangers do I pose to my own health, as well as those of my family and coworkers?

Is it necessary to test the material for asbestos?

Only after you have determined the answers to the above questions can you consider managing or maybe removing asbestos from your farm buildings.

Roof and Gutters Made of Asbestos
Roof and Gutters Made of Asbestos

Roof, walls, gutters, and hoppers made of asbestos
Roof, walls, gutters, and hoppers made of asbestos

The cost of asbestos removal from farms can be considerable owing to the volume of material and hazardous waste to be removed from the site.

It is critical to obtain written bids for any work from a knowledgeable, experienced, and authorised contractor who have the financial resources necessary to complete such jobs.

Asbestos Removal 247 has considerable experience removing asbestos cement from agricultural structures.

We have removed over 200,000 m2 of asbestos from various farm and agricultural sites over the last three years and have the knowledge, capability, and financial support to take on any large removal assignment.

Our specialised asbestos removal teams operate from regional offices throughout the UK, from Northern Scotland to the South Coast. We are completely licenced, bonded, insured, and trained to transport asbestos trash.

All work is priced in advance and billed upon completion of the job on-site.

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