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Asbestos Inspection Methods

Typically, when a commercial or residential property is sold, altered, or demolished, asbestos examinations are undertaken to assist
property owners in mitigating their environmental obligations. By scheduling these checks early on, homeowners and building owners can
avoid project delays, save money, and avoid the high expense of decontamination due to unintentional asbestos contamination.

Asbestos Abatement 247

He has performed inspections for a range of projects and jobs, including the following:

Residential Acquisitions

Remodeling Projects Prior to Demolition

Acquisitions of commercial real estate

Industrial Upkeep

Asbestos can be found in any part of your building, from the walls to the ceiling and floor, so it’s critical to have the area assessed prior to
making structural alterations.

When working with an asbestos abatement business, the first step is to conduct an inspection. When collaborating with an asbestos
removal contractor, it’s critical to communicate any areas of concern. The removal specialist will inspect and sample all areas, not just
those you choose. A specialist can collect samples in two ways: through air sampling or through material sampling.

Air sampling is the process of drawing air into a cartridge in order to capture potentially airborne asbestos fibres. Air and fibre
concentrations are tested, which can assist in determining exposure levels. Material sampling is another approach by which specialists
can inspect for asbestos; this procedure is particularly frequent in older homes when samples of common areas and materials that may
contain asbestos are taken.

The samples are analysed in a laboratory, and if they reveal the presence of asbestos, abatement processes to remove the microscopic
fibres from your building will begin immediately. Our Asbestos Removal 247team has removed asbestos from a variety of residential and
commercial properties using the most up-to-date abatement procedures and equipment. We ensure that each project is performed safely.

If you are renovating your house or commercial property, contact Asbestos Removal 247 to schedule an inspection; our professionals can
safely remove asbestos before it is discharged into the air.

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