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May 1, 2022 Comments Off

Asbestos Removal 247 were commissioned to assist one of Glasgow’s largest house builders with an ongoing project on the outskirts of the city.

The new home development is now under construction. Excavation work for the new highways and services had already begun when one of the machine operators spotted something unusual in his bucket. Asbestos was discovered in the soil.

Within an hour of the initial phone contact, Asbestos Removal 247 was on location and the area was rendered safe. Following that, the substance was thoroughly sampled and tested for contamination.

A strategy was then put in place to deal with the asbestos and dispose of it properly in order to continue with the scheduled work. All work was carried out in accordance with current asbestos standards and the most recent CL:aire Asbestos in Soils Guidance. The site was rendered safe, allowing development to proceed as anticipated with little disturbance and expense.

Among our services were the following:

Response to emergencies and sampling

Ensure the nearby area is safe and disinfect the machine.

Site examination and establishment of a plan

Monitoring the air and doing personal tests

On-site training for excavator operators

Excavation under supervision to ensure safety at all times

Validation of the site following contamination removal

Packet of complete paperwork for future management

Consultation and follow-up with clients

Client: Housing Company

Remediation of Asbestos in Soils

Location: Glasgow

The cost of the project cost <10,000 2 Weeks If your looking for an Asbestos Removal please visit this page.