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Glasgow Asbestos Removal from HVAC Duct Work

One of the defining characteristics of older homes built in the Glasgow, Geneva, and Batavia areas is the use of asbestos products to
wrap the heating and cooling ducting.

From the 1920s through the early 1980s, asbestos was widely used as a building material and insulation product before the dangers of
asbestos fibre exposure to people were well recognised. Asbestos was popular due to its low cost of production, which is why we see so
much of it. Today, the threat posed by asbestos-coated ducting that distributes air throughout your home is startling.

When asbestos degrades, small fibres begin to infiltrate the air in a home and are then breathed into the lungs. Asbestos, if left alone and
undisturbed, may not cause harm to anyone. Consider, however, an older HVAC system that has developed a leak and is sucking in
those fibres and distributing them around the home.

This is why we urge that any HVAC system with asbestos insulation be immediately decommissioned. And that is precisely what we
accomplished recently at a Glasgow residence. Take a look at the before and after photographs to get a sense of what we discovered and
how we removed the asbestos from around these HVAC ducts.

The Asbestos Removal Process in HVAC

The initial stage of this HVAC asbestos removal project was to isolate the space with plastic 6mm sheeting from the rest of the house.
immediately turned down the HVAC system in the residence to prevent asbestos from spreading throughout the structure.

Following that, our team installed our HEPA exhaust system, which was then vented outdoors via a sealed basement hole.

Our team dressed in safety gear and began the delicate process of removing asbestos insulation from the area surrounding the HVAC
ducting. We packed and sealed all asbestos-containing goods in double 6mm plastic bags.

These plastic bags were then packed into 55-gallon fibre drums for proper disposal in accordance with all applicable legislative

After HEPA vacuuming and wet wiping with modified water, all HVAC ducting was cleaned. Finally, clearance air samples were taken by
an I.D.P.H.-licensed air sampling specialist and sent to an independent laboratory for examination.

Managing Asbestos Projects

Our family-owned business in Plainfield has been serving Cook, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane, Will, and Kendall counties for nearly 30
years. Our experience in the asbestos removal sector is so extensive that our founder, Clyde Keller, holds the Illinois Department of
Public Health’s twenty-first asbestos professional licence. We are particularly proud of the following:

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We hold a valid licence and are fully insured.

Our personnel are OSHA, IEPA, and IDPH trained and certified. service

that is prompt, competent, and dependable.

If you suspect your older home was built with asbestos-containing building materials, contact us now for a free asbestos inspection and

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