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Glasgow Asbestos Removal Project File

Our Asbestos Removal 247 team was contacted to remove asbestos from floor tiles in a Glasgow residence. We determined that the tiles
did contain asbestos, as did the adhesive used to secure the tiles to the subfloor. Typically, when we remove asbestos-containing tile, we
also remove the glue, as it frequently includes asbestos as well.

The Removal of Asbestos

Before we begin removing asbestos, we use a 6mm plastic sheet to isolate the area we’re working in from the remainder of the house.
The HVAC system will then be turned off to prevent contamination of the remainder of the home during the asbestos removal process.
Following that, our crew constructed a HEPA exhaust system to generate negative pressure within the work area. The system is vented to
the exterior via a weather-sealed window aperture.

After donning protective gear, our staff begins the process of carefully removing the tile and glue from the floor, employing a wet gross
removal procedure. We carefully wrap and seal all hazardous materials in double 6mm polyurethane bags and place them in a 55-gallon
sealed fibre drum for proper disposal.

When our staff hauls and disposes of waste, we follow all applicable federal, state, and municipal rules. After removing the fibres, we
HEPA vacuum and clean the area with modified water, followed by another air sample taken by an IDPH-licensed air sampling
professional to guarantee that all fibres have been eliminated. Take a look at the before and after images of their laundry room’s
asbestos-ridden flooring.

Managing Asbestos Projects

Asbestos Removal 247 is the top asbestos removal business in Glasgow, dedicated to removing asbestos from residential and
commercial properties. We ensure that all necessary permits and safety requirements are in place prior to beginning any job.

If you believe you have asbestos in your home, contact us immediately to schedule an examination and quotation for its safe removal.

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