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How Long Does the Asbestos Removal Process Take?

You may have recently discovered asbestos in your home and are unsure what to do or how long the removal process would take.
Asbestos Removal 247 is available to assist you!

When we conduct an asbestos examination on a residential or commercial property, we are frequently asked how long it will take to
remove the microscopic fibres. We cannot always provide an accurate answer immediately, as the abatement process varies for each

Our abatement technique is straightforward, and we aim to reintroduce your family or employees to the facility within 48 hours of the
project’s start. However, if the job is more extensive, the period required to reclaim your property will be longer.

We do request that you remove the property during the abatement phase, as it is unsafe to be inside or on the premises during the
removal procedure, depending on the severity of the contamination. While some of our clients are required to quit their properties owing
to the magnitude of the polluted region, others never have to. For smaller asbestos removal services, we employ industrial plastic
sheeting to keep you safe while we work.

When our asbestos team works on a project, we ensure that the air is safe, habitable, and comfortable for all. After the asbestos is
removed, we have a 48-hour window during which we repeatedly test the air in and around your house to guarantee there are no
remaining asbestos fibres. To ensure total safety, our Asbestos Removal 247technicians will remain on-site till the air quality is less than
0.01 fibres per cubic centimetre.

The abatement process is unique to each individual, and our team is here to assist you with keeping your family safe. We are committed
to providing the least disruptive and quickest asbestos abatement services feasible to our clients. Asbestos Removal 247 can diagnose
your asbestos and mould exposure; contact us immediately to schedule an inspection.

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