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The Project File: Asbestos Tile Removal from a Glasgow Condo

Much of our work at the premier asbestos removal company in the Glasgow area is focused on removing asbestos tile from basements of
homes built between the 1930s and early 1980s.

Occasionally, though, we receive questions from condo owners in multi-story buildings who discover their house was also constructed
with asbestos-containing materials. We received one such call from a Glasgow condo owner who feared asbestos was present in the
unit’s tile. Regrettably, those suspicions proved to be correct.

We immediately began the asbestos removal process after confirming the presence of asbestos in the condo’s tile. This procedure entails
the following:

Completely seal the unit with 6mm plastic to prevent contamination of adjacent units. covered

the unit’s walls with 6 mm of plastic to protect them from asbestos contamination. installed

a HEPA exhaust system from within the unit, creating negative pressure.This exhaust system was vented to the exterior of the residence
via a living room window.

Suiting up in safety gear, I began the meticulous removal of the tile from the concrete subfloor using the wet-gross approach. I wrapped

and sealed all the tiles in two 6mm polyurethane bags. Following that, the bags were placed in 55-gallon sealed fibre barrels.

Using modified water, I HEPA vacuumed and wet cleaned the entire subfloor floor. transported

and disposed of waste in strict accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations.

Air samples were collected by a licenced I.D.P.H. air sampling professional and evaluated by an independent laboratory.

To view photographs of this condominium’s asbestos abatement process, scroll down through our photo collection.

Managing Asbestos Projects: Asbestos

Removal 247 is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of education and certification in order to safely remove asbestos from
residential and commercial locations.

We always adhere to all applicable industry, government, and safety regulations.

We ensure that all necessary licences are obtained and that any required inspections occur during each asbestos removal process. We
prioritise safety for both our personnel and our clients.

If you believe your home may contain asbestos, contact us immediately for an examination and a no-obligation price to have it securely

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