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The West Glasgow Asbestos Removal Project File

Our Asbestos Removal 247team was called out to a West Glasgow residence last month to remove asbestos from flooring tile. Following
an inspection and test, we determined that the tiles contained asbestos and that the adhesive used to join the tile to the flooring also had
asbestos. When our crew removes asbestos-containing tiles, we also remove the glue.

Our Process for Removing Asbestos in a Safe Manner: Prior

to removing any asbestos, we completely seal the area we’ll be working in with a 6mm plastic sheet. We’ll then turn off the HVAC system
to avoid contamination spreading throughout the home during the asbestos removal process. We install a HEPA exhaust system that
generates negative pressure within the work area and vents it outside through a tightly sealed window aperture.

Our staff is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to do the task safely and on schedule. After donning the necessary
protective gear, we’ll begin carefully removing the tile and glue from the floor, using a wet gross removal procedure. We make certain that
all federal, state, and local regulations are followed when hauling and disposing of contaminated items.

After removing the fibres, we HEPA vacuum the area, clean it with modified water, and collect another air sample. An IDPH-licensed
sampling professional collects the air sample to check that all fibres have been removed. Take a look at the before and after images of
this suburban Glasgow home’s asbestos-ridden tile flooring.

Managing Asbestos Projects: Asbestos

Removal 247 is the premier asbestos removal company in Glasgow, and our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your family and
business against asbestos and mould growth. Prior to beginning a project, our team examines the safety of all parties involved and
ensures that all necessary permissions are in place.

If you believe you have asbestos in your home, contact us immediately to schedule an examination and quotation for its safe removal.

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