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What You Should Know About Popcorn Ceiling Removal

You’ve probably been in buildings with textured ceilings, which are frequently referred to as “popcorn” ceilings. It may pose a safety threat
depending on the age of the building. Between the 1950s and 1980s, ceiling textures containing asbestos were frequently used, and the
popcorn texture was one of them. A popcorn ceiling can make a room appear smaller and darker due to the peaks in the texture while
also catching and trapping dust that is more difficult to clean.

While some property owners desire to paint their ceilings with these textures, it is critical to keep in mind that painting the ceiling texture
can be challenging and will require thick-nap roller covers. Additionally, you’ll need a lot of paint because the texture will absorb it.

Rather than painting over the ceiling, we recommend removing it entirely, as the texture material may contain asbestos, and it is advisable
to avoid exposure to the harmful material. The first step in any removal is to do an asbestos test on the ceiling. The best approach to
ensure the work is completed safely and efficiently is to contact a professional and experienced asbestos abatement firm. At Asbestos
Project Management, we will check and test the area for asbestos and make additional plans based on the test results. If the test results
are positive, we will schedule an appointment for removal.

Asbestos inspection, testing, and removal are all harmful. We do not propose self-asbestos removal and disposal. A professional
asbestos abatement firm will arrive on the scene with the necessary tools and equipment to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos.
We’ll enclose the area, remove the ceiling and potentially hazardous material, as well as anything else that may have contributed to the
asbestos. Once the job is complete, we will carefully dispose of the garbage, HEPA vacuum the area, and wet wipe the ceiling with
modified water to guarantee that all asbestos has been removed completely.

Following the removal of the popcorn ceiling, another air sample will be taken and analysed by an IDPH-licensed air sampling
professional to guarantee that all fibres have been removed.

Removal of Asbestos Can Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling

Our Asbestos Removal 247team has been removing asbestos in the Glasgow suburbs for over 30 years. We’ve discovered and removed
asbestos from a number of popcorn-textured ceilings. Before we begin any job, we ensure that all the necessary permits and safety
procedures are in place. Would you like to learn more about our asbestos removal procedure for ceilings with a popcorn texture? Our
process is documented in one of our project files. If you’re ready to schedule an asbestos inspection and test, contact our Asbestos
Removal 247 staff immediately.

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