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  • Bradford Hotel is fined £24,000 for failing to remove asbestos in a timely manner.

Bradford Hotel is fined £24,000 for failing to remove asbestos in a timely manner.

February 11, 2022 Comments Off

Due to delays in asbestos removal, the owners of a Bradford city centre hotel have been penalised.

In November 2017, asbestos was discovered in various areas of Bradford’s Midland Hotel. The asbestos was found in locations that were
used by workers but not by guests, such as a basement hallway, a lift shaft, and a kitchen.

Despite the fact that the hotel had been warned that asbestos had been discovered on the premises, a former hotel manager informed
the authorities in May 2018 that asbestos management had not yet begun. The hotel was unable to present papers such as health and
safety evaluations when environmental health investigators arrived that month, leaving the officials suspicious that the presence of
asbestos had not been treated seriously.

If not for the impact of the Covid epidemic on the hospitality industry, the fine might have been as high as a’six figure sum,’ according to
the hotel company.

Don’t put off dealing with asbestos.

This hotel’s behaviour was not characterised by “deliberate cost-cutting,” but rather by a failure to stay on top of things. This demonstrates
the importance of taking asbestos management seriously, not simply because it can have financial consequences, as in this case. But,
more crucially, it can have serious health consequences for anyone who lives or works in the building.

To prevent making the same mistakes as this hotel, you should check to see if your structure contains any asbestos-containing
components. An asbestos survey is required for this. You should also be aware that, under the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’
act, all non-domestic premises constructed prior to 2000 are required by law to have an up-to-date asbestos management survey.

If the existence of asbestos-containing materials has been established by your survey, you should develop an asbestos management
plan. This is an important document that explains how asbestos will be managed in your building and what measures will be taken to
keep people safe from asbestos exposure.

Creating an asbestos management plan is a continuous process; if asbestos-containing materials are present in your house or property, you must manage and monitor them.

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