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Commercial Property Asbestos Regulations

January 25, 2022 Comments Off

If you own, or are thinking about buying, a commercial property, the Control Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012) legislation stipulates
that unless your contract or lease states otherwise, you are responsible for managing any asbestos in that property created before 2000.
This comprises, among other things, rented properties, abandoned structures, unoccupied properties, and warehouses.

However, you won’t know if there is asbestos in the building unless you have an asbestos survey, and you won’t know if you need to
manage it unless you have one.

What You Should Do: As a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities.

As the owner of a business property, you must:

1) Determine who is responsible for asbestos in your lease or contract.

2) Identify the asbestos’s exact location.To do so, you’ll require the services of an accredited asbestos surveyor.

3) Have the materials analyzed, and keep a record of what you find and where you find it.

4) Conduct a health and safety risk assessment.

5) Share the results of the asbestos survey with everyone who may come into contact with the area, such as builders, contractors, or
electricians who are working on the property.

6) Keep asbestos-containing materials in good repair or have them sealed or removed.

What You Should Do: As a tenant, if you rent a house with asbestos, you must ensure that any affected sections are kept in good working order at all times. Before doing any repairs or DIY work, make sure you understand the terms of your rental and the commercial asbestos

Failure to adhere

You could face substantial consequences if you have not done commercial asbestos reporting and do not have a plan in place to deal
with the asbestos. The existing penalties include a fine of up to £20,000 or a 12-month jail sentence. You might face an infinite fine and up
to two years in prison if you commit a more serious commercial asbestos violation.

Asbestos is not a subject to be treated lightly; it can have potentially fatal consequences for humans, as well as penalties and prison
sentences if rules are not followed. Always remain on top of asbestos reporting and inspections as a business property owner.

* As of March 20, 2021; visit the government website for the most up-to-date information.

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