Asbestos Removal Services in Scotland

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March 14, 2022 Comments Off

“Am I in compliance with the asbestos regulations?” we are frequently asked.

Generally, the answer may be obtained relatively fast with the assistance of a thoroughly qualified asbestos professional. Our experts can inspect all parts of your property portfolio or building, as well as the documentation in place for asbestos management on-site.

A few fast checks of your existing asbestos data (where available) will allow our staff to ensure you are protected both legally and in terms of health and safety on-site.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 impose a variety of legal obligations on property owners and those accountable for the property. These include safeguarding the safety of all those who enter, work on, or visit the property. Additionally, complete documentation and management processes for all asbestos products are needed by law.

Our team of specialised asbestos and environmental experts can assist you in sorting through the maze of information accessible – past, present, and necessary – to guarantee you are handling your asbestos safely, legally, and profitably.

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