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Is it possible for you to remove asbestos by yourself?

February 4, 2022 Comments Off

If your building was constructed before 2000, asbestos-containing materials are likely to be present. Because of their fire resistance, these materials were employed in ceilings, plaster, walls, and flooring.

Despite the fact that the use of asbestos is now prohibited due to more detailed study into the dangers, it is nevertheless found in innumerable buildings. If the asbestos is not disturbed, there is usually nothing to be concerned about. However, if you are planning any work on your property that will disturb it, you will require an asbestos study to determine if your home has asbestos.

Never try to remove asbestos on your own.

If an asbestos study has been done and it has been discovered that your property contains the material, you should never try to remove it
yourself. There is no such thing as a “safe amount” of asbestos exposure; even a few microscopic fibres can be harmful to your health.

Attempting to handle asbestos on your own puts you and others around you in grave danger. Asbestos particles are extremely minute, measuring around ten times the width of a human hair. If you try to remove the asbestos yourself, the particles will very certainly remain
in your home, putting you, your family, and any visitors at risk of inhaling them over time.

Asbestos should only be handled, removed, and disposed of by asbestos abatement professionals. The abatement professionals have
been adequately trained on how to handle the substance and adhere to rules to ensure their own and your safety.

Is this true for all types of asbestos?

While some varieties of asbestos are more hazardous than others, there is no such thing as “safe” asbestos. Because all types of asbestos have the potential to create health concerns, they should all be handled by a specialist.

If you have any reason to believe your home has asbestos and there’s a danger you’ll disturb it, you should get an asbestos study done.
The asbestos survey will inspect the asbestos and determine its condition so that you can devise a strategy for dealing with it.

Give us a call if your look replace an asbestos garage roof. We are the experts in removing asbestos from any building.