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What Are the Benefits of Asbestos Inspections?

January 28, 2022 Comments Off

Until the late 1990s, asbestos was a naturally occurring fibre that was widely utilised in building and other sectors. Asbestos was used for insulation, roofing, flooring, and sprayed on walls and ceilings in structures. Although asbestos is no longer utilised in the UK, it may still
be present in some structures, posing a risk if damaged or disturbed. As a result, asbestos inspections and surveys are required to protect public safety. When absorbed into the lungs, asbestos fibres have been found to be exceedingly toxic and harmful to humans.

Before any work is done on an asbestos-containing building, an asbestos inspection/survey is required as part of the health and safety risk management process. Asbestos inspections serve the following purposes:

Locate the asbestos and make a note of how much there is.

Determine the extent to which asbestos is accessible.

Identify the sort of asbestos that is present.

When working in the construction sector, asbestos inspections are necessary to identify and manage asbestos-containing locations, as well as to ensure that they are left untouched and undisturbed so that no one is harmed. In order to cover the topic safely and completely,
it’s also crucial to figure out which survey is required. The following are the three types of asbestos inspections:

Management: This determines whether asbestos is present in the premises by obtaining samples, and it necessitates the creation of a management plan to guarantee that it is not disturbed or destroyed during the process.

When demolition work is scheduled, pre-demolition is required. This inspection is completely invasive into the concerned regions in order to verify for the existence of asbestos fabric in the structure.

When a building’s refurbishment is planned, the term “pre-furbishment” is used. In terms of being intrusive, it’s similar to pre-demolition; however, the scope of the work will vary depending on the type of the refurbishment.