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When Renovating My Home, Do I Need An Asbestos Test And Removal?

February 3, 2022 Comments Off

Asbestos can be present in a home, but can it be renovated? And our answer is that if the asbestos is undisturbed, then the risk of
occupant exposure is relatively low. Renovations, however, do pose a problem because asbestos can be released. When asbestos fibers
become airborne, they can be inhaled. Asbestos-containing products can crumble if handled in any way, posing a health risk.

As long as renovations are done safely and asbestos is not disturbed, everyone can remain safe and unaffected. Before you start any
demolition, you should take some precautions and make some plans. Look for hidden asbestos and consider having the area sampled
and possibly removed.

Asbestos: Where Can It Be Found?

The mineral asbestos was once used for roofing materials, thermal insulation, pipe insulation, flooring tiles, exterior siding, and more. Be
prepared to find asbestos in some of these places if your home was built before 1980. There is no such thing as too much caution when it
comes to asbestos, so it is crucial to treat every area you come into contact with as if it contains hazardous materials.

In case you find asbestos in any part of your home, contact an asbestos abatement company to have an inspection and removal done.

Asbestos Removal and Inspection

You can sample the property for asbestos before you start any demolition or home renovations, just to be sure and to be aware before
you go any further with the project. Our recommendation is to have the samples collected and inspected by a professional asbestos
removal company. The kit we provide allows you to do the test yourself, but a professional can come in the appropriate equipment and
test the area for you.

Before renovating your home, it is important to remove asbestos fibres. A professional should be hired for the abatement and removal
process if you did not hire one to test the possibly affected area. If you hire a professional team to remove the fibres, you will reduce the
risk of exposure and can start renovations safely so that you can give your home a new look. Companies that remove asbestos must also
comply with the industry and government safety standards to ensure everyone’s safety. The right certifications and permits will also be in
place before any work can begin with a reputable remediation company.

Renovations and safety

Home renovations can be done with asbestos, but we don’t recommend it. You can still disturb the dangerous fibers even if you are not
going to disturb them. Our goal at Asbestos Project Management is to keep everyone safe from asbestos. You can schedule an asbestos
test with our team if you plan on doing any home renovations or improvements.

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