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Can I Renovate My Home If It Contains Asbestos?

The greatest danger is exposure to asbestos in any building on your property. However, if you’re considering making changes to your
property, it’s critical to ascertain the location of any asbestos. Generally, provided the asbestos fibres are not disturbed, you can renovate
your property with asbestos present.

Prior to beginning any remodelling project, the home or restoration area should be tested for asbestos, and contractors should get a
written asbestos report from the building owner. Before any demolition work begins, asbestos abatement should be performed by a
licenced asbestos removal business, and asbestos-containing debris should be appropriately disposed of in dedicated hazardous waste

It is critical to have the area assessed for probable asbestos exposure if you are replacing ceiling tiles, adding lights, or replacing roof
shingles, flooring, or insulation. If the fibres are disrupted, you risk endangering your family’s health.

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