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Choose an Asbestos Testing Service in Glasgow that is Reputable

Today, asbestos removal companies in Glasgow and the surrounding areas offer a variety of services to homeowners and businesses. Surveys and inspections, the removal of hazardous substances, garbage collection, and proper disposal are part of this process. Asbestos testing is another critical service that can establish the scope of any asbestos problem and allow us to take appropriate action.

In Glasgow, anyone suspecting asbestos contamination will want to contact asbestos testing services as soon as possible. As a result, testing can be performed quickly and efficiently, and the results can be delivered quickly. This allows the next stage to be developed.

How Can Asbestos Removal 247 Help You?

Our asbestos testing service is highly competent and effective, and we provide it promptly. We are able to perform the tests at your property quickly and provide our customers with a variety of options. Our testing has a standard turnaround time of 48 hours, so there is little waiting involved. We can provide same-day results if you need them sooner, and even a 24-hour turnaround if you need them sooner.

Generally, sampling and testing are performed in areas where an asbestos survey is not necessary, such as when concerns are raised about a small area rather than an entire building. In these instances, a small sample is taken from any area of suspicion and removed from a discrete section to cause the least amount of aesthetic damage possible. The sample is then sent to a UKAS-accredited laboratory for analysis.

24-hour turnaround on surveys

When the results are received, you can make a more informed decision about your next step. Additionally, our specialists can provide guidance and support throughout the process, since we also provide a variety of other specialised services connected to asbestos in addition to testing. 

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