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Four Places You Wouldn’t Expect to Find Asbestos

In the United States, asbestos use is controlled but not prohibited. Numerous products, the majority of which are construction materials,
may contain asbestos. While asbestos is frequently discovered in homes, did you know that it can also be found in other places?


Churches have historically used asbestos-containing materials for soundproofing and fire protection. To reinforce acoustical panels,
asbestos was added. These panels are placed on the walls and ceilings of churches to reduce the echo and reverberation caused by
musical performances. Asbestos was also used to insulate the blowers and bellows of church organs. Additionally, asbestos was
discovered in the wrap insulation surrounding boilers and steam pipes. Several churches have had asbestos abatement concerns in
recent years. Older churches may have asbestos-containing materials, and it is critical to get church buildings evaluated.


In 1986, the United States government enacted measures to safeguard children and school personnel against asbestos exposure.
Schools are obligated to assess buildings for asbestos-containing materials under the Asbestos Hazard Response Act (AHERA). They
are required to develop asbestos management plans and implement measures to prevent and minimise asbestos exposure risks.

Although AHERA was adopted in the late 1980s, asbestos continues to be a concern in schools. The microscopic fibres are discovered in
insulation surrounding pipes and boilers, beneath vinyl flooring, in HVAC ducting, and in ceiling tiles. Education officials and cities should
arrange for asbestos inspections of school buildings.

Public Structures

Any public structure constructed prior to 1980 may contain asbestos materials. However, even modern structures may include asbestos in
roofing materials, vinyl tiles, and cement pipelines. Asbestos can be found in government buildings, police stations, movie theatres,
restaurants, and other commercial establishments where a large number of people congregate. Curtains at movie theatres, hair dryers in
barbershops and salons, talcum powder items in barbershops, construction materials in government buildings, and asbestos insulation
around pipes and boilers are all made of the material.

While individuals may not be harmed immediately, asbestos can stay in the air and deteriorate air quality over time. Building owners are
required by federal requirements to safely abate and properly dispose of asbestos materials. If building owners do not obey the standards,
they may be fined and may face harsh consequences for violating asbestos legislation.

Asbestos is often imperceptible to the human eye, particularly in commercial buildings. Our Asbestos Removal 247 team thoroughly
inspects the structure to verify its safety.


Hospitals have historically relied on asbestos products to prevent fires and keep medical equipment cool. Individuals who work in
hospitals may come into contact with products, but maintenance and construction employees are more likely to be exposed. While
asbestos is not found directly in patient rooms, it can be found in the insulation surrounding piping and boilers, cooling towers, electrical
wiring insulation, HVAC ducting, and floor tiles.

We do not recommend performing asbestos inspections or removals on your own. We work on commercial properties to remove asbestos
safely and to prevent unwarranted exposure. Asbestos Removal 247 can conduct asbestos inspections and removals in churches,
schools, municipal buildings, and hospitals. Make an appointment with us today to arrange your inspection and testing!

first appeared on October 13th, 2020
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