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How to Conduct an At-Home Asbestos Test

Additionally, Asbestos Removal 247 offers another method for testing for asbestos in your property. We are Glasgow’s leading asbestos
removal company, and our first aim is to protect your family safe from the risks of asbestos. We offer cost-effective testing kits that
provide results in less than half the time it takes for a standard asbestos assessment.

With our at-home testing kits, you can quickly and easily begin your journey toward an asbestos-free environment. You may have certain
concerns regarding the process, and we want to reassure you during the testing process.

Collect the samples in Step 1

Everyone is aware that you cannot detect if a building has asbestos simply by looking at it. All materials must be treated as though they
contain asbestos, and it is critical that you disrupt the material only enough to take the sample.

Collecting the samples is perhaps the most time-consuming step in the testing kit procedure, but it is critical that it is done correctly. You’ll
want to moisten the material with a thin mist of water before obtaining the sample; this will minimise the probability of asbestos fibres
being released.

Following that, using a small knife, corer, or other sharp item, gently cut or scrape a piece from the entire depth of the substance. Ensure
that you cut or scrape only a small portion of the material. Materials are classified as friable or non-friable, and specific levels are optimal
for testing:

One teaspoon is the optimal amount for friable samples (ones that can be crushed into powder by hand).

For non-friable samples, a 12 inch piece is required (typically found in floor tiles and siding).

After cutting or scraping the substance, transfer the little piece to a clean container, preferably a ziplock bag, and carefully seal the
container once the sample is properly contained. It is critical that you DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF TAPE. We do ask that you identify the
container with an identification number, such as Sample # 1, and that you also write your name on the bag. Additionally, wipe any material
on the outside of the container or surrounding the place where you took the sample with a damp paper towel and discard it.

There is more information to consider when collecting your samples.

If sampling acoustic ceiling sprays that cover more than 1,000 square feet, we recommend taking three samples from various ceiling
locations. By checking three distinct places, you’ll obtain a more precise response.

Vermiculite samples should be significantly larger; we recommend picking them up from the floor to incorporate heavier particles, and
collecting between a half and a full cup.

We recommend that you not provide dust samples.Dust samples require additional analysis using a Transmission Electron Microscope
(TEM), which we presently do not supply.

Complete the Submittal Form in Step 2.

You can submit your samples online or via a printable version of the submission form. We recommend completing the form on our
website to expedite the process. Additionally, keep a record of the information you give to Asbestos Removal 247.

It is critical that you supply us with an email address at which we may communicate with you. We’ll email you your report and any
additional information you require. However, when completing your submission form, you can include extra contact information in the
comments section.

Layers of information

The most frequently encountered examples are flooring components such as floor tiles and their adhesives, numerous layers of floor tiles
and linoleum, and various layers of roofing.

Do not count drywall/texture layers, a single layer of linoleum (vinyl top plus backing), plaster/finish coat, or painted ceiling tiles as
individual examples.

On the form, we do request that you identify the number of layers. Particularly, if you’re supplying a layered sample and only want one
evaluated, specify which layer you want the findings on. For instance, if you’re submitting a floor tile with an adhesive and only want the
adhesive checked, label the sample with the word “adhesive.”

Our testing costs $50 for the initial sample.

Additional samples are $25 each.

Step 3: Arrange for your samples to be delivered.

Prepare the package containing your samples in a secure manner. Assure that the sample bags are securely closed and DO NOT use
tape to seal them. If you are unsure about the zip-lock seal or the bags are damp, it is prudent to double bag them.

If you submitted your application online, add the invoice attached to your confirmation email with your package. Alternatively, include the
printable form, as well as your check or money order, with your delivery. Ascertain that all critical information is securely contained within
the package. Additionally, please clearly label your container with your name; this is critical if your box contains solely your samples and
invoice. We will retrieve your form and validate your payment using your name.

You may ship your samples via any carrier. However, if you require results quickly, we recommend UPS or FedEx. It is critical that the
contents of your box are not classified as hazardous; otherwise, your shipment will be delayed.If the transporter inquires about the
contents, inform them that you are shipping samples from your home for testing.

If you are mailing your samples to us via USPS, please verify that the box has sufficient postage. Even though your samples are being
sent in a standard envelope, a single stamp may not be adequate. To be safe, we recommend having the postage computed at the post

If you have the tracking number, you can send it to us via email so that our team can keep an eye on the shipment.

You may send your samples to the following address:

Management of Asbestos Projects

13400 South Route 59, Suite 116.

Plainfield, Illinois 60585Plainfield, Illinois 60585

Step 4: Obtain the Results

When the samples are received, we verify that payment is included or has been made online and initiate the testing process. Within 1-2
business days, you should receive the results via email. The email will come from and will be labelled
“Address Associated With The Samples.”

Please note that if we do not receive payment, we will place the samples on hold and contact you by phone or email to arrange payment.

This is a simple and cost-effective method of asbestos testing in your house.If the test reveals evidence of asbestos in your house, we
strongly advise you to schedule asbestos abatement services immediately.

Begin the at-home testing kit process today and send in your samples to see if your home contains asbestos. More information about the
kit may be found here.

first appeared on November 10th, 2020

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