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Is an Asbestos Test and Removal Required Before Beginning Home Renovations?

“Can I renovate my property if it contains asbestos?” is a frequently asked question. Our response is that if the asbestos is not disturbed,
it poses a reasonably minimal risk of causing harm to residents. However, asbestos becomes a significant hazard during remodelling.
When asbestos fibres are disturbed, they become airborne and can be consumed. When an asbestos-containing product is handled
improperly, it might collapse, posing a health risk.

When renovations are carried out safely and without disturbing the asbestos, everyone remains safe and unaffected. However, it is critical
to conduct some planning and procedures prior to beginning any demolition. Consider possible hiding places for asbestos and consider
having the asbestos area analysed and maybe removed.

Where Is Asbestos Located?

Asbestos was historically utilised in a variety of products, including roofing materials, thermal insulation, pipe insulation, flooring tiles, and
exterior panelling. If your home was built prior to 1980, asbestos may be present in some of these locations. When it comes to asbestos,
you can never be too cautious, which is why it’s critical to handle every location you come into contact with as if it contains dangerous

If asbestos is discovered in any area of your home, contact a professional asbestos abatement company to arrange for an inspection or
removal operation.

Asbestos Inspection and Removal

Before beginning any demolition or house improvements, you can sample the property for asbestos to ensure your safety and to become
aware of any issues before moving forward with the project. However, we urge that you get the samples collected and evaluated by a
competent asbestos testing and removal organisation. While you can perform the test yourself with our at-home testing kit, it is a safer
alternative to have a professional come in with the correct equipment and test the area.

If asbestos is discovered in your property, it is critical to get the fibres removed before beginning any modifications. If you did not employ
a professional to test the potentially contaminated area, it is critical that you contact a professional to handle the abatement and removal
process. By hiring a competent team to come in and remove the hazardous fibres, you can reduce your chance of exposure and begin
your renovations safely, giving your home a new look. Additionally, asbestos abatement businesses will adhere to industry and
government safety requirements designed to keep everyone safe. Additionally, a competent remediation business will have the necessary
certificates and permits in place before beginning work.

Make sure you’re safe before starting any renovations.

While it is conceivable to renovate a home that contains asbestos, we do not suggest it. Even if you intend to avoid disturbing the
hazardous fibres, they may collapse and disseminate into the air. At Asbestos Project Management, our goal is to keep everyone safe
and asbestos out of the environment. If you’re planning any home modifications or renovations and would like to schedule an asbestos
test, our experts can assist you.

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