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Methods of Asbestos Removal: Industrial Vacuums

Our crew employs a variety of asbestos removal techniques, but one of the most frequently employed is industrial vacuums.Industrial
vacuums are purpose-built for hazardous environments to guarantee that workers and environmental safety professionals have access to
the right solutions and removal tools.

The devices are critical for worker and environmental safety, as they collect and filter dangerous dust, which can then be disposed of
properly. The industrial vacuum cleaners include the highest filtration standards available on the market (HEPA, class H), extremely high
airflow, and a long-term safe collection mechanism.

What Exactly Is an Industrial Vacuum?

Industrial mobile vacuum cleaners are connected directly to the asbestos cleaning unit. There are modular solutions that are composed
of: a preseparator (with longopac and H filter), an additional safety H filter, and a suction unit (mobile or fixed). The asbestos industrial
vacuums’ components are ideal for long-term abatement projects.

Inside the polluted area is asbestos removal equipment equipped with a pre-separator equipped with a PTFE filter, a class H filter, and
longopac safe collection bags. Another class H filter is placed on the edge of the danger zone, and the suction unit, ranging from 4 to
12.5 kW, is often located outside the contaminated zone.

Between the suction unit and the grinding machine, the distance might be up to 100 metres or more, depending on the motor.While these
vacuums and their components are adaptable to a variety of work conditions, it is critical to provide sufficient space for abatement

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Posted on the 8th of June, 2021

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