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The Cook County Tile Removal Project File

Our asbestos removal crew was contacted by a Cook County resident who feared their property contained asbestos.When our
investigation revealed asbestos fibres in the air and we collected air samples, the homeowners trusted us to remove the fibres from their

The Removal of Asbestos

Our asbestos removal procedure is straightforward and extremely safe. The first step in ensuring safety is to completely isolate the area
from the rest of the home using 6mm plastic sheeting. Additionally, we turn off the HVAC system to avoid contamination spreading
throughout the home during the eradication procedure.

We’ll install a HEPA exhaust system to assist in the generation of negative pressure within the work area. Exhaust is vented to the
exterior via a sealed window aperture. After sealing and venting the area, our team dons safety gear and begins carefully removing the
tile and glue from the floor.

The second image below shows the tile prior to the mastic removal. Mastic is not resistant to water and will dissolve and disintegrate
when exposed to it. After removing the tiles, we wet several towels in water and spread them over the remaining mastic.

To securely remove asbestos from a worksite or a residence, we wrap the waste in double-sealed 6mm polyurethane bags and place
them in 55 gallon sealed fibre drums, adhering to all applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations. After correctly sealing the
garbage in the drums, we vacuum and clean the floor with modified water.

Managing Asbestos Projects

Asbestos Removal 247 is a Glasgow-based asbestos removal firm dedicated to adhering to the strictest safety regulations for asbestos

We guarantee that all necessary permits are in place and that all essential inspections have occurred prior to beginning each asbestos
removal project. Our team prioritises safety for both our clients and our employees.

If you feel your home has asbestos, contact us immediately for an examination and quote to properly remove and dispose of it.

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