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What Realtors Need to Know About Asbestos and Real Estate

We are frequently contacted to inspect a home that is on the market or is about to be placed on the market for sale. Our Asbestos
Removal 247team works with realtors around the Glasgow area to assess and test for asbestos in residential properties.

Many older homes, particularly those constructed prior to the 1980s, may still contain asbestos materials, posing a risk to the health of the
family living there. We understand that several tests and inspections occur during the home selling process, but we recommend having an
asbestos inspection performed on older homes while they are on the market or shortly before a sale closes. As a result, the prospective
buyer is aware of any concerns with the property.

While the presence of asbestos does not automatically pose a health danger, the fibres can easily break apart and become airborne if
disturbed. They are quite safe if they are not disturbed. Any action on the property, such as remodelling or demolishing portions of the
property in order to rebuild, might disturb the asbestos fibres, fracturing them and raising your chance of acquiring an asbestos-related

If the house you’re selling has been tested for asbestos and found to contain the microscopic fibres, it’s critical to disclose and negotiate
the presence of asbestos. Additionally, we recommend addressing them prior to the home being sold. While it is entirely legal to sell them
a home that contains asbestos, it is critical to communicate this information if you are aware of it. If the present homeowner wishes to
remedy the situation prior to selling the home, Asbestos Removal 247 can assist.

Realtors Should Bear In Mind The Following Safety Tips

Inquire of the current property owner for a copy of the property’s asbestos abatement report. If there is no such certificate, contact
Asbestos Removal 247 to arrange for an inspection.

When visiting a property that you fear may be polluted with asbestos, use a respirator. Disposable dust masks will not offer the same level
of protection against asbestos fibres.

Avoid asbestos-containing materials that are damaged, such as flooring, siding, and ceiling tiles.

Avoid dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming debris that may contain asbestos.

If you’re inspecting a property suspected of containing asbestos, wear protective clothing and change it before returning home to minimise
secondary exposure to anyone.

If you’re selling a home that contains asbestos or would want more information about how our asbestos abatement professionals can
assist you, contact Asbestos Removal 247 now!

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