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What Takes Place Prior to Asbestos Removal?

Before asbestos is removed from your property, a series of chores must be completed. Typically, an asbestos abatement company will
prep the work area and ensure that everything is set to go, but it never hurts to understand what they’ll be doing and how you may assist.

If you’ve hired an asbestos abatement company to remove harmful fibres from your house or business, they’ll come prepared with all of
the essential equipment, including plastic sheeting, duct tape, warning signs, barricades, a solid asbestos trash container, and waste
bags. They may even request that you provide them with access to a yard hose.

Following an inspection and testing of the area, the asbestos removal professionals will create a removal control plan outlining specific
methods and processes to guarantee the removal is safe and successful. This control plan is normally necessary for approved asbestos
removal operations and contains the following information:

How the removal will be accomplished

The removal techniques that will be employed

The equipment, tools, and personal protective equipment that will be used

The location of the asbestos

Asbestos Kind

The asbestos condition

Preparation of the Work Area for Asbestos Removal

Additionally, the work area will be prepared so that asbestos can be securely removed. The cleanup crew will install signs and barriers to
deter people from entering the area and isolate the pollution site. The removal pros will cover all vents and shut down HVAC systems,
seal apertures with plastic sheeting and duct tape, and construct a new electrical system designed exclusively for the abatement,
complete with negative air pressure devices to prevent contamination outside the work area.

Additionally, it is a good idea to clean the area of all personal possessions, loose items, soft furnishings, and anything else that may be a
hazard or contain asbestos. If certain things, such as appliances and mechanical equipment, cannot be moved, the asbestos removal
professionals will cover and encapsulate them with a 6-mil polyethylene sheet.How

Asbestos Removal 247 Can Help You Keep Your Property Asbestos-Free

Our Asbestos Removal 247 team works seamlessly to ensure that any asbestos fibres found in your home or commercial facility are
removed safely and effectively. After removing the asbestos fibres, we’ll clean the area with a HEPA vacuum and retest the air to
guarantee that all fibres were eliminated.

For almost 30 years, Asbestos Project Management has been removing asbestos from residential and commercial properties. Our
company was one of the first in Illinois to obtain a professional asbestos removal licence, and we only use licenced technicians. We offer
at-home testing kits and a 24-hour response team to ensure that you receive the finest service possible. Make an appointment for an
asbestos inspection and test now!

originally published on the 10th of August, 2021

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