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When Is It Time To Contact An Asbestos Removal Company?

Do not worry if you discover asbestos in your home.While asbestos is generally harmless when left undisturbed, it is something to be
aware of because it can become brittle and shatter into the air, posing a hazard to you and those around you.

It is advisable not to test or remove asbestos yourself, but you can look to determine the extent of your asbestos exposure. Generally, if
the building materials in your home are in good condition and will not be disturbed, there is no reason to test for asbestos. Generally,
asbestos fibres will not be released into the air if the asbestos-containing material is in good condition and will not be disturbed.

To determine if an asbestos-containing material has been worn or damaged, look for tears, abrasions, or water damage. These indicators
frequently signal that the asbestos is ready to disintegrate into the air. If the asbestos-containing material is somewhat damaged, we
recommend restricting access to the area and refraining from touching or disturbing it.

Appointment for Your Asbestos Inspection

If you wish to have the asbestos material evaluated, we recommend contacting an abatement company.They will be able to conduct
thorough fibre testing, adhere to tight standards and processes, and use the appropriate removal equipment to ensure everyone’s safety.

As indicated previously, if the area housing the asbestos is not damaged or accessed frequently, there is no reason to be concerned at
the moment. However, keep in mind that an abatement technique will be required at some point. If an area containing asbestos is
disturbed or damaged, you should contact an asbestos abatement company immediately.

Contact Your Local Asbestos Removal Company in Glasgow

Asbestos Removal 247 is a family-owned and operated asbestos abatement and removal business based in the Glasgow suburbs. For
over three decades, we’ve used the most advanced tools and skills to remove asbestos and mould from homes and commercial
structures. If you believe your home has asbestos, contact us immediately to schedule an inspection.

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